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I will always remain a child who needs a mother!

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I will always remain a child who needs a mother!

Post by nazninnice on Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:02 pm

Why is she like this? Can’t she change herself? Oh she is too good and we are fed up with her goodness! What is the use of being so truthful? She must learn to be a bit tricky so that she can cope with the intriguing world around. She is so soft and gentle in her manner that even the maid servant does not spare to rule over her ! She is too kind and sympathetic and does not hesitate to rush to help those – sometimes ignoring her own children- who bother little for her. Her enemies – though her behavior is supposed to induce little enmity – feel secured about her cooperation at the time of crisis. She should have an air of vanity so that people much inferior to her don’t dare to bully her. Why is she careless about her dress up and get up ? She must know that now a day’s people don’t have that much time to look into the inner qualities. She is at everybody’s beck and call but can satisfy none. For us life would really be horrible without her. But how surprising nobody in the family cares for her wish and opinion! I don’t mean that she is totally treated as an outcast but whatever favor is done to her; it is done with pity and a feeling of vexation and apathy. We get irritated with her silly mistakes even when that was made at the time of doing something for our own welfare! She can spend whole day and night for nursing us but we are very busy with so valuable commitments. How can we spend our precious time for her? We are not confined to petty housewife life like hers! We can not be so submissive and patient as she is. “Why are you so loving and affectionate? Don’t you know that security is mortal’s chiefest enemy? I wish you to be strong. Please turn ahead and show how important and valuable you are! I’ve always been so rude and indifferent to you. Never hugged you and told that I love you. I know that you can not help loving me. Forgive me I could not be what I should have been for I will always remain a child who needs a mother!


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